Aptech's training methodology adds value to an in-class study format. In addition to receiving study materials, students are imparted both - theory and practical trainings by qualified trainers in state-of-the-art training rooms.

Instructor Led Training (ILT): Course sessions are delivered through the blended learning methodologies namely Instructor Led Training (ILT), Computer Based Training (CBT), and Web Based Training (WBT) with a highest focus on ILT. The student can further reinforce his classroom learning by taking a CBT/WBT session at his/her own pace.

Practical Sessions and Lab Exercises: Lab exercises are included to sharpen technical skills and give student practical experience. Students are also given additional practice assignments. Practice assignments and practical performance are assessed at the end of the course and are included in the students’ performance statements.

Collaborative and Exploratory Learning: Students are encouraged to participate in group activities to ensure a greater exposure to technological advances and innovative modes of thinking.

Project Work: Students are divided into groups and assigned projects to foster teamwork and collaboration.

Internal Assessments: Students are assessed regularly to ascertain their theoretical knowledge, practical skills and participation in group activities. The assessment covers aspects such as students’ understanding, performance, and participation in the activities conducted. The assessments are based on tests, assignments, and observations.

Learn on-the-go through Onlinevarsity portal and app!
Onlinevarsity is a learning portal and app, exclusively for Aptech students. Student may study on-the-go, right from his mobile devices, and benefit from a wide array of features such as:

  • Accessing ebooks: All the books related to Aptech courses are now available 24/7 on Onlinevarsity for free.
  • Holistic, seamless learning experience: Easy interaction between classroom & smart personal devices. One can move from one device to another without losing his bookmarks & notes.
  • Blogs & articles: Accessing blog posts and articles related to subjects.
  • Video tutorials: Accessing expert videos, industry articles about latest trends and developments, and other dynamic learning content.